Peggy Jackson

It was not until I retired from a 30 year career that I signed up for art classes.  I had always wanted to work in oil but could not afford the time to learn a new skill, escape into the world of experimentation and develop my own form of artistry without feeling rushed.

I have always had a creative edge but struggled to find a home for it.

Because I paint, I now see the world with a new set of eyes.  I see colour, light, shadows and texture in places where I have never seen them before.  I wander along country roads looking for long shadows, reflections and a story to paint.

I find beauty in the most simple places.  Whether painting small vignettes inside my home or standing in a corn field painting plein air…. I love it all.

My earliest instruction started with Cathy Grieve, a Brantford artist in 2009 who teaches at a local community centre.  In 2014 I started formal classes with professional artist Jeanette Obbink from Paris Ontario who has helped me develop my observational skills and merge them with colour and composition theory.  I continue to study with Jeanette at present.

As a member of the Brant Visual Artists Guild for the past five years, I have shown and/or sold my work in various local galleries.

My passion for painting continues to grow.

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Some of my art work.
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